Why wordpress as your content management system.

Why WordPress as your Content Management System

Before making the big decision – why WordPress as your Content Management System, we should firstly understand what ‘CMS’ is.

Content Management System is a system with a group of application and tools that allow users to create, edit, and publish contents easily and professionally with minimal knowledge on coding. Sounds good and easy aren’t it? Exactly, this is the reason why many websites now are powered by a content management system.

But why WordPress?

  • First of all, it’s FREE, literally free as it is open source with a huge community that contributes various supports to it, anyone can modify and play with the source code and with more experience, you can create your own plugins and share or sell it to others.
  • Over 70+ million websites are running on WordPress – The New York Times Company, Best Buy, EBay blog, BBC America and many more! That’s a huge number, with huge companies, and you may be the next!Not only limiting to personal blogs or standard corporate websites or even portfolio websites, WordPress can do wonders. With the extensive plugins available in the WordPress Community, you can start your own online store through this platform and join many others which are earning monthly income, having their store safely running on WordPress.
  • It is easy to learn, manage and integrate. The graphical user interface of WordPress is simple and easy to understand – everything just makes sense when you are in it for editing and managing tools such as upgrading the platform. Furthermore, integration of plugins for extensive purposes is only 2 clicks away from the platform and you’re 70% set to achieve the impressive features on your website. Not forgetting to mention, there are over 25,000 plugins for you to browse and satisfy your needed features.
  • Search Engine Optimization friendly. I am sure you have come across the word SEO before, no? SEO basically means whether your website is optimized for search engines such as Google or Bing. Integrated in WordPress are high quality codes and is highly compliance to how Search Engines index a site.Find SEO very complex and complicated? As mentioned above, you can download a favourable SEO plugin and integrate it into your website with ease – skip those hardships of learning how to rank your website for search engine through old school methods. With WordPress, you got Plugins. In short if you want a higher chance at ranking in the 1st page of Google, use WordPress.
  • Last but not least, Security. I believe no one, at least not me; dare to say there’s 100% security on the internet (obviously). But WordPress is built with security in mind, and again, as mentioned there are tons of good plugins, including security plugins which can lockdown and defend your website from intruders and attacks.

These five main points wraps up why you should choose WordPress as your Content Management System, and why I chose it as mine too. Last but not least, there are certainly rooms for improvement to all software, not excluding WordPress, but I would say when choosing a CMS and as compared to its competitors, WordPress stands out a certain distance ahead.

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