Pros and Cons of Content Management System
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Pros and Cons of Content Management System

Content Management System is widely used throughout the web to easily maintain a website – with the ability for one to have minimal knowledge in coding. 74.6 million sites are depending on wordpress (statistic by ManageWP – So why are so many sites running on content management system? (Not forgetting there are other CMS such as Joomla & Drupal!) Lets discuss the Pros & Cons of using a content management system.


Simplicity. Using a Content Management System will allow you to focus on the content of the website, as worries on updating or tweaking designs are ‘unnecessary’ with it being achievable in – ‘2-clicks’. Furthermore with the popularity of CMS, it isn’t difficult to hire a professional and un-costly freelance web designer to handle all the coding and tweaking stuffs. The main idea of a Content Management System is to provide a platform that one with minimal coding knowledge is able to easily pick up it’s interface and publish his materials online.

Organized. With the organized frontend and backend structure, lookig for a file uploaded ages ago doesn’t seems so difficult anymore! One of the reason why i love using CMS!

Multiple user levels. Using a Content Management System allow contributions from a contributor easily with direct access to the backend but with limited access, and with the monitor of higher user level such as administrator before the content is being publish. This feature fasten the process of publishing contents on the website as compared to a contributor having to send in an email with his contents and being uploaded by the administrator himself.


Security. With an intruder able to take control of your website is the nightmare for every web master. Security is one of the most concerned issues in Content Management System as it is normally target by hackers due to its popularity with mass public users using it, and the nature of it’s open source code adds on to it’s threat. Other reasons such as outdated software of integrations and code exploitation can be one of the factors too for being an easy target of hackers.

Incompatible integrations. With so many free or premium plugins available, which is the best for the feature you are looking for? Beside looking at what the plugin has to offer for you, it is recommended to take note on the last update it had. There are outdated plugins that has not been updated for more than a year, which will cause your core system to surface some unwanted coding errors. In a more unfavourable situation would be the outdated code was exploited, thus putting your website to be highly potential be targeted by hackers.

Dependent on the initial designer. If you hire a web designer initially to set up your Content Management System for you, it would be highly possible that you might rely on him in the future – till you pull up your sleeves and learn it!. Learning to management any CMS might be difficult upfront, causing you to throw everything you need to change to your web designer, but this is a bad habit as further down the road you might find yourself depending on your initial web designer more and more, which will cause you to incur more cost that is use to pay for the maintenance fee.

In conclusion. there are Pros & Cons in using a Content Management System but personally i would recommend using one as it is simple on maintaining the website once you get the hand of it. Eventually, it lies with you to decide whether a open source CMS is suitable for your business!

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